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Sabian AA Apollo 14" Hi Hat

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Part of the "Big and Ugly" series.

828 / 1176 g

Style: Vintage

Metal: B20

Sound: Bright

Weight: Medium - Heavy

Incredibly controllable. Highly articulate. Super Fat. Yes, a pair of Hats can be all of the above, and AA Apollo Hats are proof. Thin top over Medium-Thin bottom, and designed with sonic dirt and dryness layered over the AA glass, you will be amazed Apollo Hats can be so articulate and so fat at the same time. Stomp on them, and you'll swear that magicians in the Sabian Vault built a mini-kick drum into the foot sound. With all this control, articulation, and a volume level that blends the way you play it, you won't want to get caught onstage without them.

Please note: We only sell Sabian products within Canada.

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