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Sabian AA Apollo 20"

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Part of Sabian's Big and Ugly series.

1704 g

Style: Vintage

Metal: B20

Sound: Bright

Weight: Medium - Heavy

Versatility, versatility, versatility. Hit it hard for a modern sound, or play it with dynamics for controlled stick and sublime shimmer. Apollo was the God of Music and Poetry, this incredible cymbal delivers both. Smaller and lighter than its 22" and 24" cousins, the 20" AA Apollo opens the door to a greater range of pitch to the Apollo family, with more crashable options. Big & Ugly is a collection of unique Ride cymbals from SABIAN. They are big, dark, loose and dynamic - but most importantly, they are huge fun to play. Although the collection contains cymbals that span multiple SABIAN cymbal series, they are all united by their great complexity, versatility and distinctive appearance.

Please note: We only sell Sabian products within Canada.

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